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High Fashion and Luxurious Consumer Goods

High Fashion and Luxurious Consumer Goods – Tailored Logistics Solutions

The luxury goods market is extremely susceptible to trends. Fashion houses and luxury product manufacturers have to react promptly to changing consumer tastes and market conditions. However, the purchasing process normally takes place in various locations, often outside Asia, requiring products to be distributed to end customers possibly in all corners of the world.

Tradeport offers the best solution to help customers streamline their supply chain by consolidating inventory in one single location – one that connects to all major Asian cities within four hours and half of the world’s population within five hours.

Our warehousing facilities are temperature-controlled and equipped with a high-value cage for valuable products, and configurable racking and shelving to store fashion items of all shapes and values, minimising the risks of damage. Tradeport has received TAPA (Class A) certification and provides the greatest protection for your high-value inventories.

Based on your specific needs, we provide value-added services such as customised packaging and final-stage assembly to increase your responsiveness to market demands and ability to handle last-minute orders.