Why Tradeport

Sense of Urgency to Fulfil Your Needs

Tradeport’s work culture is governed by our core values, amongst them, customer orientation and pro-activeness speak to our emphasis on putting our customers first. Instead of being merely customer-driven, a true logistics partner needs to be customer-driving and use its expertise to keep you ahead of competition.

For us to be integrated into your logistics team, we train our staff on your business nature, priorities, challenges and potential urgencies. Based on the knowledge, we set up Standard Operating Procedures tailored to your needs so that our team members are aligned and can consistently contribute to shortening our response time at every step of the process.

The dedicated team is in the best position to mobilise additional resources when needed, should it be around-the-clock shift duties or extra production lines for higher value-added throughput and speedier fulfilment to meet your desired schedules.

Besides, we know time is of the essence to you. Our certification as an AEO in Hong Kong and the C-TPAT certification in the U.S. can simplify your customs procedures around the world.