Why Tradeport

The Flexible Building

Having the right floor layout, shelving, racking and material handling systems and equipment is always an important aspect of warehouse design.

Tradeport’s production floor and its racking and shelving systems are designed to be fully customisable to accommodate your special needs. The warehousing space has a total of 22,000 sq. m. floor area, with a ceiling height ranging from 7.5 m. up to 9.5 m. and a total capacity for more than 24,000 pallet positions. Your inventory management is made simple and straightforward, ultimately leading to more efficient deliveries of your products to customers, and reduction in inventory obsolescence and damage.

We employ a Warehouse Management System that is supported by barcode scanners, radio frequency and wireless infrastructure. Work orders are executed seamlessly and real time. All office and facility operations at Tradeport are supported by an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to ensure service continuity. Our high power back-up generator can be activated within few seconds to provide power to essential equipment in case of emergency.

We have also installed the tools and machines to aid the performance of value-added services, from inspection, kitting, customised packaging, to electrostatic discharge. The configuration of your logistics solution is operated by our skilled and professional team. This eliminates any facility set-up hassle that you would need to go through. If you need any office space as your work station, Tradeport can offer programmed access cards to cater to your on-site support requirements.