Our Corporate Social Responsibilities


As a responsible corporate citizen and a caring employer, Tradeport makes it our mission to conserve the environment by adopting environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, care for our community by improving the livelihood of the needy, ensure the highest level of corporate governance and be people-oriented.

At Tradeport, we reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on service quality and efficiency.

As a recognition of our environmentally friendly effort, we have received certification for ISO14001 and ISO50001 for achieving the international standards for Environmental Management System. We were also awarded a Certificate of Merit in the Transport and Logistics sector by the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence in several years.

To ensure maximum energy efficiency of our equipment, our Facility Management Office conducts regular inspection and maintenance to ascertain that they are in good condition to reduce energy waste. We have also installed solar panels as a reusable energy source for some of our lighting systems.